Are the companies you support Green?

Photo Credit: Witthaya Phonsawat

I’ve spent the past few months looking into getting a new phone. Doing my research on the Fido website I was pleasantly surprised to find that Fido is working with and supporting “Ever Green” a charity that focuses on making big cities greener.

Some other ways that Fido contributes to a greener planet is by charging two dollars for paper invoices and then forwards that money to sustainability charities. They also encourage customers to hand in phones for other people to buy and use or suggest proper recycling methods.

Not only is my phone company supporting the cause for a greener earth but even my web host “Dreamhost” consider themselves green by creating a carbon neutral work environment. This is boasted from calculating electricity and paper use and cutting down. They even have the third party recognition to back them up. They have even provided a small banner put on your website to boast about your “green website”.

As impossible as it may seem to control your own waste and carbon footprint, it’s even more difficult to find and support big companies that are on your side. Most companies are more interested in making money then remaining eco-friendly, although this is changing.

Ever since global warming became a hot topic, so did ways of being eco friendly. Over the past years many businesses and even governments have successfully backed up the war on plastic bags. Although arguably companies do make a buck for their reusable bag and save some on providing less bags or charging, it does show an interest in a greener initiative.

Although finding and switching to greener companies may be hard, it isn’t impossible. If you take the time to research there are definitely eco friendly options for all of your services and products.


One Response to Are the companies you support Green?

  1. Eco People says:

    Thanks for the post – an interesting read. I’ve just blogged about The carbon Trust who actively support green innovation and try and make it work, economically, for companies of all sizes. Please take the time to read 🙂

    The only trouble is that ALL companies want to now be seen as green and friendly and sustainable and… and well, whatever other words are currently fashionable. So we get massive oil companies and superstores and conglomerates parading their ‘green’ credentials. But, as you say, we must all take the time to research who we buy from.

    Thanks again,

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