Lights Off for Earth Hour (Let the Party Begin!)

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I’m running out of time! This year it’s my turn to host an Earth Hour party and I just can’t find anything to wear that really says “I turn the lights off and hang out in the dark all the time.” On a positive note, though, I do have a list of awesome activities that myself and my partygoers can do while the lights are off:

Guitar Circle: People love people who play guitars. Personally, I only know “Wonderwall”, but it’s such a great song I’m positive people won’t mind if the night’s soundtrack is stuck on repeat. It’s that good.

Weenie Roast: Who doesn’t love roasting weenies over a nice, warm, er… candle? It’s a party favourite sure to bring back memories from everyone’s childhood, and as long as no one roasts someone else’s weenie like last year it’ll be a hit.

Ouija Board Séance: People love this – though I’m the first to admit that Ouija boards are a little, well… scary. It seems there’s always a spirit nearby who’s got a grudge against me, as the board always seems to spell out mean – and often untrue! – things about me. It seems that the only person who ever gets in contact with those nastier ghosts is my friend Mikey, though. Hmm…

Hide-and-Seek: A game that becomes ten times better with the lights off! I don’t mean to brag, but I’m actually the reigning hide and seek champion from last year’s festivities when I managed to stay hidden in a large freezer for 4 hours, 22 minutes, and 16 seconds. It may have been longer, but that’s the time at which my watch stopped working.

So there you have it, the itinerary for Phil’s 2012 Earth Hour Extravaganza. I’m planning to be spontaneous though, so look out for a surprise game of Twister or my own creation called “What’s that Taste?” All I’m saying is don’t be surprised if next year you see me hosting the party again.

Oh, gosh darn it, I’m at the end of this blog and I still haven’t found anything to wear to this party. On second thought, though, if all the lights will be off… Maybe I’ll just wear nothing at all.


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