Beauty Boxes taking a Chemical Free Stance

As I’ve been becoming more and more chemically aware it’s been a battle on using what I know and love or switching to something more chemical free. The bottom line is when I have a product, I just want it to do what it’s supposed to. Demanding I know, but how am I going to keep my hair in place without the chemicals? There’s a common misconception that eco products don’t work as well as their chemical laden counter parts.

Another concern with buying all new products is the price. The good stuff tends to be pricier and what if it doesn’t work the way you expected. These are all really easy reasons to resist the change.

I’m currently signed up to the beauty box “Glymm” that is available in Canada. I pay 10$ a month (11 something with tax) and receive a gorgeous box filled with all sorts of beauty samples, some being full sized.

I’ve received two boxes so far and have definitely gotten my moneys worth… another unexpected bonus was a strong presence of eco friendly and chemical free products to try!

First month I received the eco-friendly nail polish by “Ocean” (Full Size)
My second month was better then the first with:
-Sulfate/paraben free shampoo & conditioner from “Free Your Mane” (Large Sample)
-Organic Goat Milk & Linseed Soap from “Lucia” (Full Size)

Although getting organic products is not guaranteed, it’s still awesome to try out these rather expensive products. I’d definitely recommend Glymm to any beauty conscious woman. Who knows? Maybe there will be a Organic Themed Beauty Box around the corner!

Also: Another great part about the beauty boxes? The boxes they come in are adorable and are a great reusable item for storage.

Check out Glymm here:

Also if you’re interested in making your own home made products consider purchasing our Toxin Free Cookbook from our shop:


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