Pilot knows everything about the environment

Pilot knows everything about the environment


Pilot’s Contest

Pilot's Contest

Maya is Beyonce’s cat from L.A. Thanks Beyonce!!

Pilot Teaches the dangers of PGPR

Moxie is SO anti-fur

Moxie is SO anti-fur

Meet Moxie, submitted by PJ from Ottawa! I know I only wear my own fur, do you?

Pilot’s Top Four Toxic Troublemakers Tips For Earth Month


Have you checked out our newest video? It’s jam-packed full of tips on how you can live more environmentally friendly!



Pilot’s Contest

Pilot's Contest

Thank you Jamie from Thornhill for sending us an adorable picture of her dog Misty. Misty can already drive a car, and she realizes that by carpooling, everybody wins”

This is Pilot. He knows everything about the environment.

This is Pilot. He knows everything about the environment.