Sustain a Day: Making Easter more Sustainable!

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With Easter fast approaching it’s time to do a little party planning. Then there is the same question with every holiday: how do we make this event more sustainable? I have some great tips on making your Easter a little more garbage free.


One of my personal favourite parts of Easter has to do with chocolates and sweets. As sweet as candy is, most of it comes with a ridiculous amount of garbage! Especially those giant chocolate bunnies wrapped in tons of cardboard.

Another option? Home baked goods!
It’s a little more work but cake and cookies made from scratch have that taste that you can’t deny. You also avoid the nasty PGPR chemicals that chocolate companies are now using instead of actual cocoa butter.


It’s easy to go out and pick up some cardboard easter bunnies and window stickers but you just end up throwing them out at the end of the season. And then buy more next year? Just a little more then wasteful.

Another option? Fresh cut Flowers!
Nothing says spring like flowers. So why not pick up some fresh cut flowers at your local greenhouse? Not only do they look great, they smell amazing and will be a great replacement for any chemical laden air freshener.

Still can’t keep away from those cardboard cut outs? Reuse! Instead of throwing them out make sure to find a safe and dry place to keep them for next year.

Also remember to toss any of your eggs into your Organics bin rather then the garbage. No organics pick up in your area? Consider starting a composte in your backyard, mother earth will appreciate it.



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Pilot's Contest

Thank you Jamie from Thornhill for sending us an adorable picture of her dog Misty. Misty can already drive a car, and she realizes that by carpooling, everybody wins”

This is Pilot. He knows everything about the environment.

This is Pilot. He knows everything about the environment.

Pilot’s Contest

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This is Pilot. He knows everything about the environment.


This is Pilot. He knows everything about the environment.