Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home is a feature documentary about how the family household has become one of the most ferocious environmental predators of our time.

Concerned for the future of his new baby boy Sebastian, writer and director Andrew Nisker takes an average urban family, the McDonalds, and asks them to keep every scrap of garbage that they create for three months. He then takes them on a journey to find out where it all goes and what it’s doing to the world.

From organic waste to the stuff they flush down the potty, the plastic bags they use to the water they drink out of bottles, the air pollution they create when transporting the kids around, to using lights at Christmas, the McDonalds discover that for every action there is a reaction that affects them and the entire planet.

Everyday life under a microscope has never been so revealing. By the end of this trashy odyssey, you are truly inspired to revolutionaize your lifestyle for the sake of future generations.


  • More than 1,000 communities have screened the film worldwide, including Australia, South Africa, Europe, and all over North America.
  • 3,000 people have joined the revolution in the Garbage! community
  • Presently being shown on The Documentary Channel (CBC), Radio Canada and TVO in Canada and the Sundance Channel in the USA.
  • More than 200 schools, universities and colleges have bought the film throughout the English speaking world
  • Garbage! has been selected to screen at the following film festivals:
    • Hot Docs International Film Festival
    • United Nations Association Film Festival
    • CINEMAMBIENTE Italian Enviro Fest – won a special mention award
    • DOCSDF Intl Doc Film Festival of Mexico
    • Mexico Pepena Film Festival
    • China’s Guangzhou GZ Doc Film Festival
    • EcoKnights Eco Film Fest in Malaysia
    • Gimli Film Festival
    • New Kingston Film Festival
    • SCP Film Festival – Garbage! winner of Best Documentary Award
    • Milan Vedere la Scienza Film Festival
    • Green Film Festival in Seoul Korea
    • Festival International du Film d’Environnement Paris
    • URBAN-TV 2009, VII Intl Television Festival on Urban Life and Ecology in Madrid, Spain
    • Green Planet Blues Film Festival in Romania
    • SiciliAmbiente – prize winner!

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