Pilot knows everything about the environment

Pilot knows everything about the environment


Pilot’s Contest

Kaitlyn’s adorable new puppy Arial from Toronto knows all about wasting-not! Image

This is Pilot. He knows everything about the environment.

This is Pilot. He knows everything about the environment.

This is Pilot. He knows everything about the environment.


Processed Foods and Dieting

Photo Credit: Keerati

When I was younger I was the pickiest eater. I would often cry for all the junk food and while my mother would always cave in, my father would chastise me with the same line: “All those processed foods are bad for you!”
As I grew older my taste broadened to the point where I’ve pushed to make the move to organic or at least unprocessed, lunch meats, cheese, bread. Although it is more expensive I never realized how much better it tastes.

Recently there have been a string of articles popping up in magazines and health websites that are condemning the consumption of processed foods. This is especially a problem for those who diet. They are finding that fat free, sugar free, and 0 carb products are turning out to be worse for you then the original product. These weight loss initiatives are turning out to sometimes do the opposite.

The problem is that when you take something out, you have to add something else; usually meaning something synthetic. To make something sugar free but still taste good they are replacing sugar with synthetic products like aspartame. If you haven’t already heard about aspartame some reported side effects include depression, increased hunger, and even cancer. It’s crazy that such a common and popular product can have such terrible side effects after prolonged consumption.
Can’t kick the soda cravings? Consider natural sodas such as “Dry Sodas” a brand aimed at making more natural sodas. All of Dry Sodas boast an all-natural ingredient list you can count with one hand. With only 16 Grams of Sugar it’s a huge difference compared with the 65 Grams in Coca-Cola. Even popular companies such as Jones Soda are making the move to pure sugar cane with their Pure Cane Colas. Despite still having a high sugar content of 40 grams, it’s reassuring to know there is one less synthetic product in your drink.

Bottom line is sometimes it really is too good to be true. Now the tables have turned, and I’m on the other side condemning my fathers diet drinks and zero calorie yogurts. It’s time to stop taking short cuts with your food, your body will thank you for it.