House Hunting is No “Small” Feat

For the past several weeks I’ve been occupied with finding a new place to stay; my lease is up and it’s time to move to the city – exciting, I know.  My roommates and I aren’t looking for anything too fancy, although it’s got to be near a subway station, it needs to be clean, and on-site laundry is a must.  So far, the hunt for housing has been promising, but recently I stumbled across the perfect home: the M-CH.

The M-CH stands for Micro Compact Home – it is an ergonomically designed, 2.2 tonne, solar paneled cube.  It measures 2.6m x 2.6m x 2.6m, and comes with everything I need – shower, toilet, microwave, fridge, stove top, sink, and bed.  With space set aside for a flatscreen TV, and a slide-out table, the M-CH is the perfect bachelor pad.  Check it out for yourself at!

In all seriousness, I won’t be moving into a micro compact home anytime soon, although I won’t rule it out for the future – it would especially make a great lakeside pad for summer weekends.  However, I don’t just think the M-CH is cool because of the novelty of the idea, but for several other reasons as well.  I really dig the idea of efficiency, and the compact home is definitely that.  Its solar panels are especially handy in that regard, but imagine how little heating or air conditioning it would require for a space so small? Not very much, as you can imagine.  There are even models of the home that are made to have even lower carbon emissions than the current model.

The environmental friendliness factors aside, the M-CH also forces the inhabitant to do something that is becoming less and less common – take a hike, literally. In a decent sized apartment, condo, or house, it’s harder to feel cramped up – especially with our iPads, laptops, and video games easily at hand.  With such a small space, however, we’re forced to consider: Hmmm, I could probably go for some fresh air right now…   I don’t know about you, but anything that forces me to get some fresh air can not be a bad thing.

So the apartment hunting continues for now, and I cross my fingers I’ll come across a place I even get half as excited for as the micro compact home. Come to think of it though, I’m sure my roommates will be happy about the extra space a normal apartment provides.


Pilot’s Contest

Kaitlyn’s adorable new puppy Arial from Toronto knows all about wasting-not! Image

Pilot’s Contest

Pilot's Contest

Thanks to Shanna, Matt and Colin for submitting a photo of their goldfish all the way from Costa Rica!

Happy Earth Day…

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Thanks for the love & support! Take 50% off the price of the Chemerical cookbook! Now only $5! May your revolution start within yourself.


The Take Action Team

Moxie is SO anti-fur

Moxie is SO anti-fur

Meet Moxie, submitted by PJ from Ottawa! I know I only wear my own fur, do you?

Pilot’s Contest

Hey guys; Pilot here,

Just reminding you about the contest I am holding to try to reduce my carbon paw-print.

I know that I know everything there is to know about the environment. Ask me anything! I can give you all sorts of tips and tricks. After all, with my short legs I am much closer to the ground than my owners. I am the one who comes into contact with the floor cleaner, I can taste the dish soap when I lick my bowl clean and I can always tell which grass has the most pesticides when I run around and play. I’m not the only pet who knows how to stay environmentally aware. I’ll bet your pet probably knows a thing or two about how to be more eco-friendly. 

Humans; take photos of your pets and add a message (using ‘Impact’ font) stating what you do to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. It can be anything from carpooling to using sustainable pet soap to making your own eco-friendly hair dye! If you don’t have a pet, not to worry. You can use a photo of any animal you find. If you have a snap shot with an interesting looking creature you can use that, or feel free to search the internet for a photo of a cute animal.. that is if you can find one! You can email them right to me, Note the name of your pet, your own name and where you live in the email. I can’t wait!

So far we have highlighted Bruce the Kitty from Thornhill, The “fur family”, and Misty the carpooling dog Those that appear on our blog will be automatically entered in a draw to win fantastic prizes. Submit early and submit often.


Love Pilot