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Eco Friendly Shower

*Picture by Alex France

With summer almost upon us we will be sweating more and will be spending more time showering. But it’s no secret that showers can be a huge water waster. Here are some tips on making your shower a little more eco friendly.

The 5 Minute Shower
You can start by cutting down the time you spend in the shower. Preferably down to 5 minutes. That should be enough time to get what you want done, done.

I personally know the joys of long showers, the time to think, pampering yourself, but it’s definitely not worth all that wasted water! Use the extra time out of the shower meditating or pampering yourself in other ways.

Shower with a Bucket
When you take a shower consider taking a bucket in with you.
With the water that falls into the bucket able to do double duty!
This water can be used to flush the toilet or even water your garden.
Make sure you aren’t using chemical laden soap products which is a good idea even if you aren’t using the bucket.

Shower Less
Okay I know this one may seem a little gross but you can still stay fresh without jumping in the shower. Consider using dry shampoo or baking soda (surprise) to prevent your hair from getting too oily. If you are sweating too much consider using baby wipes, and then a spritz of essential oil to keep you smelling and feeling great.

Safe Sunning

Image: njaj / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The shorts, sunglasses, and rise in outdoor activity only means one thing: summer is coming. While for some this means tanning season, a lot of informed people are turning towards the UVA and UVB sun protection that sunscreen provides. But are our good intentions really hurting us?

As a kid I always hated sunscreen. I hated the sticky feeling and it often was a dull road block to my exciting journeys outside. As a teenager someone said something very important to me that brought validation to my fight against sunscreen: “You should be able to eat anything that goes on your skin”. Which may sound odd, but makes a lot of sense. Your pores absorbe everything you put on your skin and it enters your body.

I quickly decided that I didn’t like the mysticism (I don’t understand most science) behind sunscreen. There just had to be something harmful inside sunscreen that they just weren’t telling us.

The sunscreen of choice in the US are Chemical. These chemicals range from hormone disrupters to nanomaterials that penetrate the skin and affect sensitive organs. These can even lead to sun-related skin allergies, thyroid, immune, nervous, and reproductive problems.

Some other problems include lowering our exposure to the super vitamin D that the sun provides. Even scarier yet, the Vitamin A in a lot of sunscreens speeds up the growth of cancerous cells! In the dark Vitamin A does a great job repairing the skin but in the sun light it can have bad effects.

After having a great conversation with some of my co-workers on the subject one of my friends finally exclaimed exhausted with information: “Then what am I supposed to do? I burn!” The answer is a little easier then expected: just pick the right sunscreen!

Skin Deep has a great list of safe sunscreens to keep you burn free and chemical free:

Also head to Skin Deep’s Sunscreen information website here for more in depth explanation: