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This is Mr. Darcy who lives in Barbados with his owner Sydney. This is a helpful tip from such a warm place. Thanks! 


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Maya is Beyonce’s cat from L.A. Thanks Beyonce!!

Getting Around: The Bicycle

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With gas prices going through the roof and summer around the corner, investing in a new set of “wheels” is not only cheaper but more environmentally friendly.

What isn’t to love about bicycles? Again you are helping the environment by cutting down on gas emissions, but you are also getting the activity your body craves. A double win. Even better is that more and more cities are becoming more cyclist friendly by offering safe bike lanes and if something happens some city buses have bike racks on the front so you’ll never be stuck.

Don’t have a bike and don’t know what to get? You have a couple of choices based on what you plan on doing. I’m no expert on bikes but there are three different kinds you may want to look into.

If you are a casual biker who is just looking for something to get you to the grocery store you may only need a one speed that is sturdy enough to have a basket. With these bikes you can even go for design, maybe even a cute retro bike like this one:Canadian Tire

If your bike is going to be your main/only form of transportation you may want something with a little more options. Look for a bike with different speeds so that you’ll be able to get where you are going fast. Also look for something lightweight so you won’t have to use as much energy. Bikes with thin tires are great for that reason as well as speed.
Check out this hybrid for women at Canadian Tire

If you enjoy camping and hiking you may want to bring your bike along for the ride. Your bike will need to have the right suspension to make sure you don’t go flying on a bump, as well as flexible with speeds so you don’t kill yourself going up those hills. Also needs to be sturdy enough to take take a tumble if needed.

You need a mountain bike, and it’s all in the name. This bike will keep up with your intense lifestyle.

Check out this one for $100 at Canadian Tire

Still not sure what you’re looking for? Check out Canadian Tire’s Bike Buying Guide

Happy shopping! Remember to pick up your helmet and obey all road laws, Safety First.


Pilot’s Top Four Toxic Troublemakers Tips For Earth Month


Have you checked out our newest video? It’s jam-packed full of tips on how you can live more environmentally friendly!



How To: Get rid of Acne Naturally

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Previously wrote a great article on the realization that many of his acne products were absolutely filled with chemicals. I too have struggled, and still struggle, with keeping acne at bay, but have found some great natural alternatives that do a fairly good job as well as the chemical stuff.

Throughout my whole high school experience I was one of the luck ones blessed with perfect skin. Washing my face every day seemed unnecessary when black heads, pimples and oily skin were just something I never really faced.

As I found myself leaving high school I noticed more pimples then normal. I freaked and bought every complete line of products available. Of course I needed the face wash, toner, moisturizer, and topical creams just as advertising had told me so.

Rather then getting better my skin got worse and worse as I became more and more desperate. What I didn’t realize then was that I was ruining my skin. The amount of chemicals I was using eventually changed my skin type. I went from a normal skin type to combination skin type.

Eventually I just stopped. I went with plain old water twice a day and noticed an improvement, but not enough. While stopping the chemical filled products prevented me from getting more acne, the water just wasn’t enough to clean what was already there.

My current cleanser, Cetaphil, while not perfect at all (rated a moderate 3 at was way better then any of my previous products. It didn’t foam (chemicals), no fragrance (more chemicals) and it just cleaned my skin. Which I needed.

Some actual Natural products I’ve tried:
Clarisonic Mia ($200 CND): This is actually a mechanical brush that gets deeps into pores and takes out all the bad stuff preventing dirt from staying in pores and making a mess. A bit expensive but definitely worth it. I find my skin is less likely to breakout, and if it does it isn’t cystic acne that lasts for two weeks.

Tea Tree Oil ($5-10 CND): Tea Tree Oil is a great spot treatment that will drie up any pimples you have without the irritation! Extra benefit? Helps get rid of acne scars as well.

Witch Hazel ($7 CND): If you have really oily skin you may need an astringent. Witch Hazel is a great natural alternative. This will clean your skin without stripping it of it’s good oils. I’ve also used this as a spot treatment for cystic acne. Men have also reported Witch Hazel as a great after shave option.

Cucumbers: If you have a lot of redness you should consider a cucumber mask. Just cut up a cucumber and place it on your face. It’s cliche but it works.

Although these are just some of the tips, there are many more if you look for them. You don’t have to live with acne, but you don’t need to live with chemicals either.