Public Transportation: The Unexpected Benefit

*Image Credit: Honraeglor

It’s no secret that cars are ruining the environment. Carbon emissions, oil run off, even the lengths we go to for oil are all making a mess of the environment as we know it. Although we are encouraged to bike or use public transportation like buses and subways, we end up using cars anyways due to efficiency.

For me, without a car of my own I am forced to rely on buses, subways, and trains to get me everywhere. I don’t have to pay for gas or insurance, or the fees to fix a car, just transit tokens and tickets.

Despite the constant improvement to public transportation, the biggest drawback is still time. The amount of time waiting for the next bus or train. Even the time transferring between buses or just plain getting from point a to point b.

Living in the suburbs of Toronto getting to school or my internship will take approximately 2 hours one way. There and back being 4 hours a day. Going to work nearby is still 1 hour.

And while most people can read and write on the bus, I get motion sickness and it leads to an unproductive hour or two. But is it really so bad?

It’s the only two hours in the day I have to myself. I can listen to music and sit and do nothing. Completely unplugged from everything I find time to sort my thoughts, come up with ideas, and in a way, relax.

Sometimes when I don’t have to take public transportation for a while, I definitely miss my private time. I become more agitated then usual.

In a world where I’m constantly moving maybe 4 hours of rest and reflection isn’t such a bad idea?